Struggling with living in a small space? Whether you’re in a studio apartment or cramped with a family in a small house, there are some ways to maximize the space that you have for more comfortable living.

Expand Your Space With Mirrors

A classic design trick to make a room look and feel larger is to add a mirror. This interior design tip for small spaces can work almost anywhere in your home, regardless of the size of the mirror. Play with reflective surfaces in your living room, entryway, bedroom, or kitchen decor to add depth.

Make the Most of Corners

Another small space idea is to maximize the corners of every room! Rather than placing tables, desks, and other furniture in the center of the room, try utilizing the corners in cramped areas to help it feel more open. Corner shelving is a clever storage hack that can make any area do double-duty, as well as show off your favorite decor items.

Go with an Exposed Closet

An exposed closet is another space-saving idea perfect for cramped bedrooms. If you have a room with a closet, try removing the doors to free up square footage and create more flow. Don’t have built-in closets? Hang shelving and bins to build an open closet along a wall.

Keep it Uncluttered

When you have less room to work with, you’ll have to let go of some belongings. Not sure where to begin? Explore this guide on how to declutter your home. Throwing away broken things, donating household items, and parting with duplicate possessions are also good places to start.

Get Lit

Lighting is EVERYTHING within a home, and a well-lit small space will outperform a poorly lit oversized room every time. Natural light will make a space feel more open and inviting and do wonders for your mood-regulating serotonin levels, so if you can, let the sun’s rays shine on through.