Renting a house can be easy when done correctly, but for many tenants, they only house hunt and after identifying a house, move in too fast and later start complaining about rules and regulations that apply. for example most tenants will rent a house and later start complaining when they are warned about loud music at night, restrictions of pets, garbage collection fees, and other avoidable petty things.

for several reasons, landlords and property managers will have some restrictions to safeguard their property. As a wise tenant make sure to ask all restrictions just to be sure about where you are comfortable living.

Questions frequently asked to include:

  1. How much is the security deposit and is it refundable -in most cases, Landlords withhold deposit money to act as security for damages done to their property ie paint, wall damage, electrical damage, and many others.
  2. Is there any pet restriction policy- most tenants don’t allow pets for reasons like noise, harm to other tenants, damaging the house, odor, and lack of space
  3. The number of roommates you can host- too many people living in a small space can cause issues like health, pollution, and insecurity.
  4. Can I choose my preferred date to pay my due rent- some times it is safe to ask such a question, in most properties rent is usually due on the 1st of every month. but some employers tend to delay salary till 5th to 7th of the month, always chose a proper date to avoid arguments with your property managers.
  5. Who is responsible for paying garbage collection and how much is the fee- In some cases, landlords put the burden on their tenants. If you as the tenant are responsible for the garbage fee, take time to research how much is the maximum fee other tenants are paying just to avoid being overpriced.
  6. What is the maximum move-out notice period –At some point in time, you’ll move out. You must inform your landlord at least one to three months before you move out. Failing to do so can cost you your security deposit or additional penalties. Always ask your landlord about the minimum notice period before settling on your decision.